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Allsumhome-Upgrade Your Bathroom with Glide Series Glass Shower Doors

Allsumhome-Upgrade Your Bathroom with Glide Series Glass Shower Doors

Are you ready to update your bathroom's look? Say goodbye to outdated baths and hello to Glide Series bathroom glass shower doors. These shower doors not only add a touch of luxury but also bring practical benefits to your daily routine. With options like frameless designs that create a sense of spaciousness and textured glass that adds personality, our Glide Series will elevate your bathroom experience.

Glide 56"-60" Width x 74" Height Frameless Sliding Shower Door,Clear Tempered Glass,Matte Black,Smooth Door Closing,Vertical Handle


Glide Series Bathroom Glass Shower Doors - An Overview

If you’re tired of the clunky curtain separating your shower from the bathroom, it’s time for an upgrade! The Glide Series bathroom shower doors feature SGCC and ANSI Z97.1-certified tempered safety glass and smooth gliding rollers that ensure effortless entry and exit. These bathtub shower doors range from 44 to 60 inches in width, wider than the standard 24 to 36-inch ones, providing more space.

The best part? These glass shower doors are reversible, enabling left or right-sided installation to perfectly suit your bathroom layout.

Key Features of Glide Sliding Glass Shower Doors

Durable Tempered Safety Glass: The ExBrite Glide Series uses high-quality tempered safety glass that is incredibly strong and durable. The glass is specially treated to be more resistant to breakage, and even if it does break, it shatters into small, non-sharp pieces to reduce the risk of injury.

Quick-Clean Glass Coating: All Glide Series shower doors feature a quick clean coating that repels water, dirt, and grime, making cleaning a breeze. This coating keeps the shower glass bright and shiny, looking virtually new even after years of use.

Two-Way Sliding Mechanism: The smooth, easy-to-use two-way sliding mechanism allows for effortless entry and exit, making it ideal for smaller bathrooms where a swinging door might get in the way.
Modern Elegance with Premium Finishes: Available in beautiful nickel, black, matte black, and chrome finishes, the Glide Series adds a touch of modern elegance to your bathroom. These finishes are corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.
Large Stainless Steel Handles: The sturdy stainless steel handles provide a secure grip even with wet hands. Stainless steel is durable, rust-resistant, and easy to maintain, making it perfect for glass shower door handles.

Reversible Design for Flexible Installation: The Glide Series’ reversible design allows you to install the doors to open on either the right or left side, adapting to your bathroom layout and personal preferences.

Why Choose the SPY-5470-BN Glide Sliding Glass Shower Door?

While all the glass shower doors in our Glide Series are exceptional, the SPY-5470-BN stands out with features like:

  • Easy-to-Clean Glass Coating:Keeps the glass free from mold and grime build-up, ensuring a sparkling clean surface with minimal effort.
  • Explosion-Proof Tempered Glass:Designed to shatter into small pieces if broken, reducing the risk of injury.
  • Large Stainless Steel Rollers and Handles:Ensures smooth gliding and a comfortable grip.
  • Space-Saving Design:Maximizes bathroom space with its sleek and trendy design.
  • Contemporary Frame Style:Available in black and nickel finishes, the brushed frame adds a modern flair to your bathroom.

Glide 50-54 in. W x 70 in. H Sliding Glass Shower Doors Frame in Nickel,Clear Tempered Glass

Wrapping Up

Tired of struggling with shower curtains or feeling cramped in the shower? Switch to a modern and practical option with our Glide Series bathroom glass shower doors. Whether you’re looking for single walk-in doors, or smooth sliding doors, our Glide Series offers affordable luxury with a modern touch. Check out the SPY-5470-BN from our Glide Series for the perfect blend of style and functionality.
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