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Common types of mirrors, which one do you prefer

Common types of mirrors, which one do you prefer

Mirrors are found in almost every household, especially for women who love beauty, the help of a mirror is indispensable for dressing, fitting, and makeup. Of course, there are many types of mirrors, such as dressing mirrors, cosmetic mirrors, bathroom mirrors, etc., and their functions and characteristics are also different. The following Exbrite editor will take stock of the common ones in home life.

The full-length mirror

The full-length mirror is a large mirror used to see the whole body, which is convenient for fitting and dressing. It is mainly divided into three types: the wardrobe mirror, the independent dressing mirror, and the wall mirror. Generally, the frame is made of wood, plastic, metal, and other materials. A certain decorative effect.

Key points for purchasing: In general, the height of the full-length mirror should be greater than half of the height, and the width should be about 45-50CM so that the whole body can be illuminated. If there is enough space in the home, you can choose an independent full-length mirror, which is practical and beautiful; if you don’t have enough space, you might as well choose a cabinet mirror or a wall mirror, which saves space and increases the sense of openness in the room.

Makeup mirrors

Makeup mirrors, that is, desktop mirrors for makeup or small mirrors with exquisite shapes and easy to carry, all have a magnifying glass of different proportions so that it is easy for the makeup artist to see the subtleties of the part that is illuminated, and the styles are various. One of the must-have mirrors.

Key points for purchasing: desktop makeup mirrors are often matched with bedroom dressing tables. Exbrite editors suggest that it is best to choose according to the style of the dressing table, which is both functional and decorative; and portable makeup mirrors are better to be exquisite and compact, so they are convenient to carry around Portable, the style and shape can be selected according to your preferences.

Bathroom mirror, that is, a mirror placed in the bathroom for people to freshen up, or as a single whole, mirror edge grinding, mirror carving, exquisite and practical; or as a part of the bathroom cabinet, combined with mirror lights and bathroom cabinets to create a unified bathroom space.

Selection points: High-quality bathroom mirrors generally have good anti-fog, waterproof, and anti-rust functions, and the refraction of light should be strong. In addition, the editor of Exbrite suggests that it is best to choose a frameless style, because the bathroom is often in a humid state, and frame materials such as wood and leather are prone to change after a long time of use.

The smart mirror

The so-called smart mirror is a technological product that allows users to view news, weather, and other information by touching the screen while washing their hands or face. Smart mirrors currently on the market can realize functions such as automatic lighting, clock calendar display, and indoor temperature through induction or touch switches.

Key points for purchasing: Since the functions of smart mirrors are very diverse, the price and cost are relatively high, so don’t buy the ones that cost tens of dollars; in addition, pay attention to the response speed of smart mirrors, if the display content is too slow or too laggy, forget it. After all, there is only so little time to wash your hands.

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