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How to choose the right medicine cabinet for your bathroom

From the point of view of the entire bathroom space, a lighted medicine cabinet will be better than a normal medicine cabinet. This will ensure that the entire bathroom space is brighter and more advanced.

One, identify the material: bathroom mirror cabinet is made of a variety of materials, such as solid wood, stainless steel, glass, etc., according to the need to buy the appropriate material, such as: the bathroom is wet, do not choose the solid wood.

Second, identify the function: bathroom mirror cabinets have double-opening, there are also sliding, and single-opening, according to the size of the wall, you can choose the functional mode.

Three, internal space: how much can be placed depends on the reasonable layout of the internal space, you can choose a different reasonable layout according to the common bathroom products at home.

Four, load-bearing: as the bathroom mirror cabinet is hung on the wall, its bearing has certain requirements, the general manufacturers have explained how much weight they bear, of course, consumers can also try with their hands or other tools on the spot, but this is used. This is also very important.

Fifth, after-sales service: after-sales service is also important. Once a product has a problem, the dealer cannot be found. Only the factory certificate can be guaranteed. Dealers say that the number of years after the sale is practically unfounded. It depends on whether the product has a warranty certificate or not. The big brands will have a product warranty in the packaging, which will be sent to the factory for archiving, which is a real guarantee.

Ergonomics of the product

Product size: Bathroom mirror cabinets can be customised, so there is no standard size, but the minimum control is 50 cm.

Product form: Not only does it meet storage needs, but it also has a very beautiful design. The mirror cabinet is separate and can be placed with washing or even extended make-up products, and in addition to a special wet and dry packing area, the mirror cabinet is designed with a hidden waterproof socket specifically for plugging in small appliances.
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