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What is the principle of bathroom defogging mirror - ExBriteUSA

What is the principle of bathroom defogging mirror

Anti-fog mirror is a special mirror in the bathroom, also called anti-fog mirror. By heating the mirror, the fog attached to the mirror surface during bathing can be quickly removed, which is convenient for bathing. The anti-fog mirror has two heating methods: covering the mirror back with electric heating wire or electric heating film, the electric heating film has good safety, durability, energy saving and processability. When using, plug in the power supply, and heat the mirror through the electric heating film, the surface temperature of the mirror will rise, and the mist attached to the surface is very volatile, and the mirror can always be kept clear and bright. Often, our mirrors will fog up because the hot water vapor from the bathtub encounters the mirror surface and condenses into small droplets. If the mirror surface temperature is relatively high, this phenomenon will naturally decrease.
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