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The difference between bathroom mirror cabinets with or without lights

The difference between bathroom mirror cabinets with or without lights

Now the popular mirror medicine cabinet is basically with lights, so that the intelligent mirror frame will be very convenient to use, a key to fog + time temperature display high-tech full of. So, the mirror cabinet with lights must be reserved for the wire? Let's take a look at the details brought by the editor!

Mirror cabinet with lights good or without lights

1, can install intelligent mirror cabinet do not install ordinary mirror cabinet

Intelligent mirror cabinet brings more than a little bit of convenience to life! Lighting + a key defogging + time temperature display and other functions are really very convenient for daily life? With a smart mirror cabinet not only left a pair of mirror lights, and after the shower no longer need to manually wipe the mirror, the morning work can also be very good control of the wash time, one-stop solution!

2, must be reserved near the mirror cabinet light line or socket

Because you do not know when you want to install intelligent mirror cabinet! Suddenly want to install intelligent mirror cabinet when there is no socket will be overwhelmed, then you can only take the open line, or get dragging board, especially troublesome! So be sure to set aside well in advance!

Mirror cabinet with lights must be reserved for the wire?

Nowadays, many people choose mirrors with smart mirrors, and some of them also need to bring another defogging function. Many people only consider the use and aesthetics when buying bathroom cabinets, but have not actually considered the installation. There are some self-installed homeowners in the pre-plumbing time did not think to set aside a good light line, it will lead to buy a smart light but not good to connect to the power; some are line set aside but the location is not set aside, the mirror is installed after connecting the line in the cabinet is very messy.

Spotlights or downlights above the sink

1, the difference
Spotlights make the sink more sophisticated, but the façade light is not bright enough, the face will still have a shadow.
Downlight evenly illuminate this piece, if there is enough space, it is recommended to install spotlights above the sink, behind the position of the downlight, spotlight beam angle of no more than 15 °.

2, lamps and lanterns must have anti-glare function, plaster roof and aluminum buckle plate can be installed, wash face, makeup with façade lighting. Some bathroom mirrors will come with their own lights, a circle around the light, but can not store cosmetics, want to make full use of space to choose the mirror cabinet, both sides of the light band, uniform projection in front of the face, clear and good-looking who use who know

3, installed the above two kinds of lights, is enough, in the installation of the light is the finishing touch. In the mirror cabinet above the hidden a strip of light, to enlarge the visual space, the sink below the hidden a strip of light, the sense of atmosphere.
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