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Q:is the mirror copper free?
A:Yes, it's copper free silver mirror. Green Product!
Q:Is outlet inside or outside of cabinet?
A:Outside. There are 3 mode you can change by touching.
Q:Recessed installation question. If we mount it recessed, what then goes around the medicine chest so you don’t see rough edges of Sheetrock behind?
A:We have a recessed installation. i think the intaller just used spackle to fill up any voids between the sheet rock and the cabinet. Some of the cabinet goes down to where the wall is tiled. in that area the intaller used the same grout as he used for the tiles.
Q:Where is the wire located on the back? Is it near the center?
A:Slightly offset from the center. I did not use the plug and hard wired it to a junction box as my bathroom was a complete remodel.
Q:How do you replace the lights ?
A:I am pretty sure that the LED lights are not designed to be replaceable. If used just a few hours a day they could be designed to last 20 years or more, But your would have to ask the manufacturer.
By Richard A. on March 12, 2022
the light can not be replaced