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Our dedicated Partner Support Team is here to facilitate your successful collaboration with our leading brand. Join us today and amplify your business potential!


Together We Grow: Discover Our Partner Program!

The essence of our Partner Program was designed with the intent to acknowledge and reward our partners who are integral to the success of our business.
We recognize the value of our partners and aim to leverage this program to accomplish our mutual commercial goals together.

Increase Revenue

We provide attractive commissions and rewards, including direct cash back and gift card rewards. This will serve as a continuous source of income, enhancing your business revenue

Receive Extensive Support

We offer an array of resources and support including product training, dedicated callbacks, and sales assistance to help you better promote our products. For our Gold partners, we provide even more backing, such as joint operations and professional customization services.

Build Long-term Relationships

Our Partner Program is more than a business transaction, it's a long-term cooperative relationship. We value each of our partners and look forward to growing together, sharing in our mutual success.


Brake Service. Disc Brakes. Drum Brakes. Parking Brake. Hydraulic System. Master cylinder. Brake fluid and hoses.


A transmission service is and important part of your routine maintenance, just like replacing your engine oil.


Tire and wheel are like arms and leg. It need to be take care frequently. And with years of experience, we can offer best tire and wheel service

Maximize Your Benefits: Partner Levels & Rewards

Bronze Partner
Require: Any vetted partner
Rewards: 10% (5% gift card, 5% cashback)
Support:Basic product training

Silver Partner
Require:$2000+(Accumulated Sales)
Rewards: 15% (5% gift card, 10% cashback)
Support:Basic product training

Gold Partner
Require:$10000+(Accumulated Sales)
Rewards: 20% (5% gift card, 15% cashback)
Support:Product training, weekly personal follow-up, joint operations, professional customization, etc.

Maximize Your Benefits: Partner Levels & Rewards


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