Partnership Agreement

This Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "Agreement") is jointly signed by [] (hereinafter referred to as the "Provider") and [Account approved by the Provider] (hereinafter referred to as the "Partner").

I. Duration of Cooperation

Any account that registers and submits a cooperation application, once approved by the Provider, is considered to start the cooperation and becomes a Partner. Unless the Partner voluntarily withdraws or one party violates this Agreement, the other party can propose to terminate the cooperation, otherwise this cooperation relationship will continue to exist.

II. Responsibilities and Obligations

The Provider will provide correct product information to the Partner and ensure that qualified products can reach the hands of the buyer, while guaranteeing the buyer's rights and interests according to's privacy policy and return policy. The Provider will also provide rewards to the Partner according to the reward mechanism of this Agreement.
The Partner will provide accurate registration information, recommend products to potential buyers according to the product information provided by the Provider, and complete the purchase on through the approved account. At the same time, the Partner needs to ensure that there is no fraudulent behavior, otherwise the Provider has the right to cancel the order and terminate all cooperation.

III. Payment Terms

The Partner needs to place an order with the account approved by the Provider. Once the product is shipped, it is regarded as a successful cooperation order, and the Partner will receive rewards within 72 hours thereafter.
Rewards will be issued according to the reward mechanism. Among them, 5% of the reward will be issued in the form of gift cards, and the remaining reward will be issued proportionally in the form of partial refunds.

IV. Breach of Contract Penalty

If the Provider or the Partner violates this Agreement, the other party has the right to terminate the cooperation. The reward for the successful cooperation order will continue to be issued normally, the undelivered order can be cancelled, and the cooperation is terminated immediately.

V. Dispute Resolution

If a dispute arises, both parties should first try to resolve it through negotiation.

VI. Confidentiality Agreement

The Provider will protect the privacy information of the buyer and the Partner. Similarly, the Partner will also protect the privacy information of the buyer and the Provider.

VII. Intellectual Property

The Provider owns the intellectual property rights of the provided product information. The Partner has the right to use this information, but must indicate the Provider's brand name "Exbrite" during use.

Any account submitting a cooperation application is deemed to agree to this Agreement by default.
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